Domaine De La Velle a Montcléraluieren in Frankrijk

I (Sabrina) have had Westies as my best friend since I was 9 years old without interruption.
It goes without saying that I think it's a great breed, they keep surprising me with their behavior and crazy tricks.
I am very fond of dogs in general. For example, at the age of 16 I started training as a dog hairdresser and in 2001 I started my first grooming salon.

I still do that to this day, but in the south of France
Together my husband and I have 3 westies. Zara and Zorro are shown above.
Together they have had a total of 5 litters of puppies, all well and healthy and have found a new home with very nice people. Except our last litter. Because it was the last litter, we kept one

Black Pearl.

Our Westie week:
What is it?
*A whole week special only for people with 1 or more westies.
* Every day we take a different walk together in the middle of nature with the most beautiful views, castles, forests, medieval villages, etc.

*We try to do a photo shoot (individually and with the group)
* Do you want to give him or her a haircut that week? that can be done as an extra option
*we make a joint meal à la auberge Espagnol (everyone brings something and that way we get a

delicious and free buffet)
* We arrange a chill spot in the middle of the field with hammocks, cushions for the dogs and a dog swimming pool
* A marked hiking trail runs from the site through the untouched nature of no less than 12 km, so you can enjoy.


from April 27, 2024 to May 4, 2024

What does it cost?
€ 500 per booked accommodation (excluding the gite: € 650)
so not a penny more... the number of people doesn't matter, as long as the maximum of the accommodation is respected.

Dogs are free that week
You can choose from:
*a safari tent
*a chalet
* gite
you can also come with your own camping facilities, this costs € 180 for the week including electricity, use camping s
anitary facilities. max 4 persons
inform by email:
or call
0033 7 521 222 08

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