Domaine De La Velle a Montcléraluieren in Frankrijk

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We are actually in the middle of nowhere and yet....
there is so much to experience here.
Every day there is a market somewhere, in the evening you have the marché gourmands.
Those are markets where you go with a basket with you
own crockery and cutlery,
you can even bring a bottle of wine (the English and French sometimes make a really nice picture of it with a tablecloth, flowers and candles) there is often live music and there are eateries everywhere. you can then take your own plate wherever you see something delicious,
go get some goodies. a real experience, you must have done that once.
Don't worry, don't bring your own crockery, nowadays you can get disposable crockery at the stands themselves.
Everywhere in the neighborhood there are often small circus tents or puppet shows and a lot of live music
art exhibition, vide greniers (chic flea markets) brocantes, etc etc
In Cazals, the town that is 3 km away, you will find, among other things, two boulangeries, a supermarket, 2 butchers,
a bank with an ATM, a post office and two cozy restaurants. On Sunday there is the weekly market with delicious products from the region.
You can enjoy a drink or a snack in the shade of the trees on the market square.
where we and our children had a stall for years with the tastiest pastries in the region :) ,
When Timmo (our son) started a chip shop/restaurant when he was 18, we had to stop that. But a lovely terrace has been replaced on the market, where you can still enjoy the tastiest pastries with coffee and so much more..
At Cazals there is a lake of 2.7 hectares (a plan d'eau), where you can swim and fish. The flower market in May is also recommended.
in Catus there is also a beautiful swimming lake and we know a "secret" spot that only locals know with a
beautiful river and rapids.
If you're really sweet, we might want to share our secret :)
There are also nice places in the Midi to visit, such as Gourdon (23 km), Villefranche du Périgord (16 km)
with beautiful squares, narrow streets and cozy restaurants. Rocamadour (beautiful and historic), saint cirque de la popi (phenomenally beautiful),
Sarlat le Canade (very nice shopping in the old streets) Catus (shaded plan d'eua)
Domme (old fortified village with still the old city walls and gate, also caves present)
Chateau Bonaguil
Château Castelnaud
canoeing, we are happy to make reservations for you, etc., we always have enough flyers of all events around us ready.