Domaine De La Velle a Montcléraluieren in Frankrijk

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Table d'hôtes

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At least 3 times a week we organize a cozy restaurant in our courtyard and covered bar.
A 3-course dinner costs €24.50/person. there is always a choice of 3 different starters, main courses and desserts.
Children up to 12 years old can choose from the menu and do not have to eat everything, so the prices have been adjusted accordingly.
On evenings when we do not have a restaurant, we offer the real Table D'hôte. This means that you of course register in advance, we cook a very large pot of delicious food, you sit at the table in the courtyard with your own plate and cutlery and for € 10 pp (children up to 6 years eat for free) you have a delicious simple meal and, above all, lots of fun together.
On days when we do not provide food, we will take you, if desired, to a marche gourmand or you can reserve a table with our son at his restaurant in Cazals.
Eating in France is much more of an experience than just eating. Fun, music and of course very tasty food,
as much local products as possible with a good glass of wine or a real local artisan beer.
You can also reserve a meal in advance of your stay on the day of arrival (delicious paella, made by friends of ours) € 15 per portion. You will then come and eat in our courtyard at your own pace between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. or you reserve a table at our Timmo (chip shop with restaurant that also serves local dishes). Do this well in advance because full = full.
This means you don't have to look for food or cook after your long journey.
Pizza evenings from our ancient stone bread oven

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Then we also have our regular pizza evenings
Once a week we bake pizzas in our own ancient bread oven.
Everything is homemade, the dough, the sauce,....
This is an experience for the whole family and the children will not soon forget it.
Often a good friend comes to play live music.
You sit comfortably in the courtyard while enjoying a nice wine, an artisan beer or another delicious homemade drink and you let us know how you want your pizza
(it can be put together entirely according to your wishes) and if you feel like it, you can come and admire at the end of the courtyard how exactly that works,
baking a real pizza.
Sometimes we have made a little too much dough and there is a chance of a second pizza
Price: €15/person, kids up to 12 years €7.50
At the pizza, bbq and pasta evenings, Sabrina also bakes the most delicious desserts, which can then be ordered free of charge.


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This year we have come up with something fun.
We are going to have a real vegetable garden again, so fun to do and healthy.
We would like to involve the children in this.
One day a week they can help in the vegetable garden and together we look for fresh vegetables and learn about care and the like. Following this, we will use our harvest to prepare a delicious lunch for the family to enjoy right away.
So a vegetable garden and cooking workshop in 1.
On another day we hold an educational insect hunt with all the facts about the insects and their French names. We then make your own insect hotel or birdhouse out of wood that you can take home or hang on our wall of fame for the birds and insects here that help our vegetable garden.
Costs: €15/person (including materials and ingredients)


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1 time a week we organize a fun workshop for the kids. (for adults who feel called, certainly recommended, very mindful)
* painting wood using carbon paper and engraving.
* painting fluffballs, with many different paint tricks
* diamond painting
*crystal workshop
*and so on....
Costs: €10/person
Rita (our house grandmother) also organizes on request
numerology session in group +6 years € 10
numerology session private adults €25
diamond painting including all materials €10


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occasionally we make a campfire in our courtyard.
Free access for everyone.
One night we play a creepy game with the kids (mums and dads very welcome, the more, the better) and the other night
we provide all kids (and yes, also all parents who want ;) ) with FREE marshmallows.

wine tasting

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Wine lovers will certainly get their money's worth here.
We are friends with an organic winegrower and they organize a FREE wine tasting once a week for all our guests.
Their domaine is less than 10 minutes drive from us and they are happy to give a tour and explain how they make wine.
Then you can taste...
Of course they appreciate that you buy a bottle or perhaps a box from them. Finally, they spend a lot of time showing our guests around.

having breakfast

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Breakfast á la carte is also possible upon reservation.
Price € 10/person = extensive breakfast with all the trimmings
only a croissant or a pain chocolat with coffee or tea and a fresh orange juice is also possible for € 5/pp
Bread service
We also have a bread service, you can order freshly baked rolls and croissants that we put at the bar every morning from 8:30 am so that you can pick them up

cocktail lounge bar


enjoy freshly made cocktails with soft lounge music


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Fortunately, we get many visitors every year who decide to return to us every year, we are very happy with that and there are now
good friendships formed
so is a couple who, just like us, love very good food and experiment with food
for example, in 2021 we built a cold smoke cabinet with them for smoking meat, fish and vegetables
what we also did, and this has become a regular Friday afternoon activity, is duck breast in the chimney
smoke from the pizza oven
this is so tasty and fun that we have turned it into a real men's meat smoking workshop
while enjoying a beer, smoking your own duck breast, which you then take with you to your accommodation and enjoy with your family
incl beer and meat and all necessities €25/person

New in 2023
Where is Quill?

Quill is our new dog (don't worry, not a real one) and normally he's in his basket by the bar.
But keep an eye on him, sometimes he takes off and can be found somewhere in the yard or in the woods.
Can you find it and return it to its basket?
Those who manage to do that will of course receive a hefty reward from us.
Super fun activity and it keeps the brains and legs of the children busy