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our horses and ponies

We already had our horses in the Netherlands and had a luxury stable at home for our horses.

Of course we took all 5 of them with us and they had to exchange their luxurious house for a life in nature.

We believe they don't mind :)

You can meet Pepper, the haflinger, Scooby, our tinker or 1 of our cute shetlanders on our domaine

Beauty Nowel, red mold

Quinty, fur

Little one (little princess) brown

We want everyone, especially children, to enjoy dealing with horses.

We strongly believe in natural horsemanship, we believe in cooperation between horse and human and not in dominating behaviour.

This works very well for us and the horses.

They all have a super character

In the high season we take a walk with the ponies and the children at least once a week, maybe you can sit on them for a while or hold the pony yourself. Participation in these walks is completely free.

We also offer a private pony for a week.


We offer the possibility to have your own pony for a whole week during your stay with us. this means that you can walk, brush, ride, cuddle, make braids and so on with your own pony for at least an hour a day.

All this is always done under the supervision of 1 of us for the safety of the child and animal.

On departure you will also receive an indelible memento of your time with your own pony

This costs €100 per week

horse rides



For the more experienced riders we also offer rides of about 1 hour through the forest.

these are only done in step and cost €25/person


more info or book?

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