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Table d'hôtes




At least 3 times a week we organize a cozy table d'hötes in our courtyard and covered bar.

A 3 course dinner costs € 20 /person

 Children up to 12 years old can receive a special children's menu in advance or eat with the parents, the same menu for €10.

Of course you can always order fries, a pancake or something else delicious from our menu.

Eating in France is much more an experience than just eating. Conviviality, music and of course very good food,

local products as much as possible with a good glass of wine or a real local craft beer.

You can also order a welcome dinner in advance of your stay. Then you don't have to look for food or cook after your long journey.

  This exists of:

3 courses : BBQ-cooked ribs or a cuisse de canard cooked for over 12 hours (duck leg, highly recommended)

preceded by a homemade French au gratin onion soup,

closed by our famous brownies

again €20 for adults and €10 for kids up to 12 years old


This must be booked in advance because of the preparation time.

Then we often have a BBQ or a homemade Lazagne evening once a week for €18.50/€12.50 and the kids up to 12 years old for half price.


Ancient Stone Pizza Oven Evenings



Then we also have our regular pizza evenings

Once a week we bake pizzas in our own century-old bread oven.

Everything is homemade, the dough, the sauce,....

This is an experience for the whole family and the children will not soon forget it.

You sit in the courtyard while enjoying a nice glass of wine or an artisan beer, pass on how you want your pizza

(it can be composed entirely to your liking) and if you feel like it, come and admire at the end of the courtyard how exactly that works,

how to bake a real pizza.

It's unlimited and we challenge you....

Price: €15/ person, kids up to 12 years €7.50

AT the pizza, bbq and lazagne evenings, Sabrina also bakes the most delicious dessert that can be ordered freely.





Twice a week, those who want to can get out of their nice bed early for a simple beginner yoga session at the pool or in the orchard,

We close this with a delicious glass of fresh ginger / lemon tea


Cost: €8/person

Meditation lessons are also possible on request €8/person

Due to many requests, I also started doing children's yoga last season (for which I actually did the training)

This was such a great success and sooooo fun to do, that we will definitely keep this in

Every Friday at 9am we have an appointment at the pool, mom and dad can even go back to bed if they want ;)

Cost: €4/child








2x a week we organize a fun workshop for the kids. (for adults who feel called upon, certainly also recommended, very mindful)

* painting wood using carbon paper and engraving.

*painting fluff balls, with many different paint tricks

*leather editing

*and so forth....

Cost: €10/ person

grandma (our house grandma) also organizes on request

numerology session in group +6 years € 10

numerology session private adults €15

diamond painting including all material €10


For adults who want to know more about aromatherapy, I will give an introduction to aromatherapy on request with the gift that

you can create your own scent with the aim of feeling better.

Cost: €15/person






Twice a week we make a campfire in our courtyard.

Free for everyone.

One night we play a creepy game with the kids (moms and dads very welcome, the more the better) and the other night

we provide all kids (and yes, also all parents who want ;) ) with FREE marshmallows.

Roast .....


wine tasting


Wine lovers will certainly get their money's worth here.

We are friends with an organic winegrower and they organize a FREE wine tasting for all our guests once a week.

Their domaine is less than a 10-minute drive from us and they are happy to give a tour and explain how they make wine.

Then you can taste...

And of course they would love you to buy a bottle or maybe a box from them.




having breakfast



Breakfast à la carte is also possible upon reservation.

Price € 10/person, children up to 12 years € 5

bread service


We also have a bread service, you can order freshly baked bread rolls and croissants, which we will deliver to your stay every morning.


snacks and fries can be ordered at the bar throughout the day.



1x free pony rides every week and horse rides on request.


new FROM 2022

cocktail lounge bar

enjoy freshly made cocktails with soft lounge music

between 7 pm and ........



and maybe we'll set up a dance battle for the kids, always fun and funny




luckily we get many visitors every year who decide to return to us every year, we are very happy with that and there are in the meantime

good friendships created

so is a couple who, just like us, love very good food and experiment with food

for example, in 2021 we built a cold smoke cabinet with them for smoking meat, fish and vegetables

whatever we did, and this has become the regular Friday afternoon activity, is duck breast in the chimney

smoking from the pizza oven

this is so tasty and fun that we turned this into a real men's workshop meat smoking

while enjoying a beer, smoking your own duck breast, which you then take to your accommodation and enjoy with your family

incl beer and meat and all necessities



the Area phenomenal ;)


 Cahors   Domme   caves of Padirac   

We're actually in the middle of nowhere and yet....

there is so much to experience here.

Every day there is a market somewhere, in the evening you have the marché gourmands. those are markets where you go with a basket with you

own crockery and cutlery,

you can even take a bottle of wine with you (the English and French sometimes make a really nice picture of it with a tablecloth,

flowers and candles) there is often live music and there are eateries everywhere. you can with your own plate wherever you see something delicious,

go get some goodies. a real experience, you have to do it once.

don't worry, don't bring your own crockery, nowadays you can get disposable crockery at the stands.

everywhere in the neighborhood there are often small circus tents or puppet shows and a lot of live music

art exhibition, vide greniers (chic flea markets) brocantes, etc etc


 In Cazals, the town that is 3 km away, you will find two boulangeries, a supermarket, 2 butchers,

a bank with an ATM, a post office and two cozy restaurants. On Sundays there is a weekly market with delicious products from the region.

You can enjoy a drink or snack in the shade of the trees on the market square.

We are also there ourselves with a stand with the tastiest pastries from the region.

At Cazals there is a lake of 2.7 ha (a plan d'eau), where you can swim and fish. The flower market in May is also a must.

There is also a beautiful swimming lake in Catus and we know a "secret" spot that only locals know with a

beautiful river and rapids.

If you're really sweet, we might want to share our secret :)

In addition, there are also nice places to visit in the Midi, such as Gourdon (23 km), Villefranche du Périgord (16 km)

with beautiful squares, narrow streets and cozy restaurants. Rocamadour (beautiful and historic), saint cirque de la popi (phenomenally beautiful),

Sarlat le Canade (very pleasant shopping in the old streets) Catus (shady plan d' eua)

Domme (old fortified village with still the old city walls and gate, also caves present)

Chateau Bonaguil

Chateau Castelnaud


canoe, we would like to book for you

canoeing with the whole family    Rocamadour   legendary bridge at Cahors   



For the guests who want to go on a journey of discovery to the interior of the earth, there are several caves in the area:
The Grottes de Cougnac:

are two prehistoric caves a few miles from Gourdon. The hill in which the caves are located is freely accessible.

The caves themselves are only accessible with a guide. The first cave is a dry cave,

in which several special stalactite and stalagmite formations can be found. The most interesting cave, however, is cave two.

In this cave you can find about fifty prehistoric rock paintings of, among other things, aurochs, a horse,

a bison and some abstract figures. What makes the cave of Cougnac special is that it is one of only three caves in southwestern France,

in which an image of a person can be seen. The drawings in the cave of Cougnac were made by the Cro-Magnon man who lived in this part of France.

 Cougnac falls into the same category as the drawings in the caves of Lascaux and Pech Merle.


do you want more challenge? then go to Gouffre de Padirac with its huge caves and take a real boat trip underground in the caves, you will not soon forget this





 Roque Gageac  

chateau Castelnaud

  chateau Bonaguil






I would say, pack your bags and come

discover for yourself!!















































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