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Domaine de la Velle



Welcome to our beautiful Domaine de la Velle.

Located in the middle of the countryside, between hills and forests. It may just happen that you

 wake up in the morning to find a deer a few meters away from you, or an eagle owl that just flies away when you get out of your tent.

It happens to us every day and we enjoy it immensely.

There is nothing as beautiful as pure nature and we are in the middle of it.


We therefore cordially invite you to come and enjoy this with us in peace.

Although we are in the middle of nature, there is still plenty to do.


On our domaine we would like to let you enjoy various workshops, horse-pony walks, yoga,

tasty culinary treats, a bar with the tastiest drinks and that is only on the site itself.

Cahors and Rocamadour, Domme, Sarlat le canade are a stone's throw away, the tourist attractions of the area.

Every day there is a market somewhere, of which on Sunday here only 3 km away in Cazals, where we

stand with the children with a stand with the tastiest pastries in the region :) ,

So you can also enjoy that on Sunday and Monday at the campsite

In the area you can go canoeing and rafting, swimming in the rivers, hiking, soaking up culture and so on.

After that you can return to the peace with us or have a nice drink at the bar, stretch out at the pool

lie down or play a game of table tennis, play games or read books, hang out in the hammock, lounge in the lounge corner

, chicken cuddles, stargazing (we have one of the most beautiful and clear starry skies in the world here),

breathing clean air, in short, enough to experience.

We hope to welcome you soon


















 We hope everyone is in good health,


    Our sanitary building is equipped with 4 private bathrooms for the safari and lodge tents and 1 for a camping spot, so privacy remains private,

    at the switch these will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for the next guests

    for the camping guests (max 2 families) there are 1 toilet and 1 shower, there will be disinfection spray and gel so that you can

     use this to disinfect yourself according to desired

    there is 1 sink and 1 urinal for the camping guests and if these are in use, you are expected to wait outside until the previous one is ready

    A spray bottle with alcohol is provided at the toilet, shower and sink, so that everyone can take a while before and after using the facilities

    can disinfect (door knobs, taps, toilet knob and seat are very important).

    There is also soap at the sink. Using soap to thoroughly wash your hands is still a better option than hand gel.

    Paper is also provided, which can be thrown directly into the provided bin.

    A hand gel is placed at the entrance. FREE Use when entering and leaving.

    We will undertake to clean and disinfect the sanitary facilities several times a day.

 place to wash dishes
    There are 2 sinks

    Handgel available, as well as detergent and alcohol spray at every sink

    Bring your own dishcloth, sponge and tea towel.

    Leave everything clean for your fellow campers,

 The swimming pool

    If we adopt the standard of 1 person per 4m2, and we keep it safe, 14 people can use the pool at the same time.

    The same applies around the pool.

    Alcohol spray and handgel are available

 The Gîte and chalets

    It is, as always, thoroughly cleaned

    Now also with extra attention to disinfection and ventilation

    Mattress protectors, pillows and their protectors and bed linen are always washed and dried at the highest possible temperatures.

    Kitchen towels and bath towels are also still included in the price and as above, get a hot wash and dry.

Bread service and meals

    Freshly baked bread, croissants, etc. can still be ordered every morning

    Our breakfast service à la carte can also continue, 1 family per table

    We can still guarantee drinks, pastries, ice cream, coffee and the like.

    We offer an evening meal 4 times a week, which we serve in the open air in our cozy but spacious courtyard.

    Our terrace in the courtyard is large enough to arrange tables generously.



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